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Sunshine Group Technology Co.,Ltd
Wuxi Hengche Technology Co.,Ltd
Tony Sun Director
Mobile phone:+86-139 0618 8751
Office phone:+86-510-88235668

E-mail:sunshinegroupsale@hotmail.com, sales@sumshane.com
Facotry:No.288,Fangcheng Avenue,Wuxi New District,Jiangsu Province

HQ:Room 19 Block D 10F, Wongking Ind, BlDG 2 Taiyau Street, Sanpokong, Kowloon, HK.

SUM-CMGU1031 ceramic LED 3x1W
SUM-CMGU1031 ceramic…
SUM-CMMR1641 Ceramic LED 4x1W
SUM-CMMR1641 Ceramic…
SUM-CMMR1631 Ceramic LED
SUM-CMMR1631 Ceramic…
SUM-PAR38COB20 high lumen PAR lamp with low price
SUM-PAR38COB20 high …
SUM-FPAR64 fins LED bulb 36x1.5W
SUM-FPAR64 fins LED …
SUM-FPAR38151 fins LED bulb 15x1W
SUM-FPAR38151 fins L…
SUM-FPAR38121 fins LED bulb 12x1W
SUM-FPAR38121 fins L…
SUM-FPAR3091 fins LED bulb 9x1W 86-265V
SUM-FPAR3091 fins LE…
SUM-FPAR3071 fins LED bulb 7x1W
SUM-FPAR3071 fins LE…
SUM-FPAR2051 fins LED bulb 5x1W
SUM-FPAR2051 fins LE…
SUM-FA6051 fins LED bulb 5x1W
SUM-FA6051 fins LED …
SUM-FG6091 fins LED bulb 9x1W
SUM-FG6091 fins LED …
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